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Not the Seven Year Itch but...

Most owners are very careful to bring their new pets to see the veterinarian for examinations and vaccinations when they are young.    All of us are aware of the need to get the new pet on the right track with proper nutrition, deworming, and preventive care and most people comply.

But as the pet gets older there is also a need to get more tuned to look for possible problems which may not be obvious in a routine physical exam.   

Most pets at age seven or older can be considered "at risk" for age related problems.   Problems in organs such as liver, kidneys, or heart, can be detected early by doing blood screening tests before the problem becomes life threatening.

If found early most of these problems can be acted upon by something as simple as a special diet or medication, that way we can prevent further complications.    We recommend a blood test or screening as your pet enters this new stage in its life.    Remember - pets may not get the "seven year itch" but they should get the seven year screening.


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