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Happy Holidays, but, BEWARE!   

There is always plenty of food around for the holidays and it is NOT the time to indulge your pet.   Turkey or ham bones should be discarded carefully.    If not, they may find their way to your cat or dog and cause choking, broken teeth (which are most commonly caused by chewing bones or other hard objects).   Bones that reach your pet's stomach or the intestines pose the danger of intestinal injury or obstruction.

Other dangers from foods are treating your pet to holiday sweets or chocolates.  Chocolates can be harmful, and if ingested in large amounts - very toxic.    Another food danger, but less dramatic is weight gain.    Let's face it, the majority of pets in the United States are slightly overweight or overweight.    A little extra indulgence during the holidays is enough to add extra pounds that can lead to a host of other problems.

Take precautions as to the type of new toys that your pets come in contact with this season.   Just as we do not allow young children to play with small toys that can be swallowed, lodged in the throat, or have parts that may come off and lead to chocking or ingestion, we must observe the same precaution with our pets.   If your pet tears a stuffed toy apart, replace it.   If the stuffing is swallowed, it can also lead to intestinal obstructions.

Finally, a lot of unusual activity can be stressful for your pet.    During the holiday gatherings your pet may decide to join the fun.   This can lead to exerting themselves too much.   Chasing after their new toy or after visiting children can be fun.   In this case, the older pet who is not used to strenuous exercise may experience aching joints and muscles which can be so severe that they will be reluctant in getting up or walking about.

Excessive noise from large gatherings or loud toys may send your cat or shy dog for cover.  It may even traumatize them enough that they do not want to leave their "safe spot" for a few days.   If fireworks are involved in the celebration, your pet may need tranquilizers in order to cope.

With these tips everyone is sure to have a peaceful and happy holiday celebration.


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