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Giving a home to your pet also means giving a home to unwanted parasites.   All pets experience discomfort and stress from fleas and ticks.   Infestations can cause anemia and even death in very young or very old pets.   With ticks, many pets develop infections by scratching to free themselves from a feeding tick.   Flea infestations can cause allergic reactions and when swallowed, can transmit tapeworms to your pet.   But don't worry, because we are here to help.

Ticks are red-brown to gray, about 1/8" long and flat.   Ticks become bloated as they feed, fade to pale gray and can triple in size.     Ticks can lay eggs indoors.   Favorite tick hiding places on your pet are between toes, inside and behind ear flaps, and under the tail.   If your pet has a heavy coat, comb the hair backwards and check the skin.   To remove a tick, grasp the tick with tweezers close to your pet's skin.   Pull upward firmly to assure removal of the entire tick and drop it into rubbing alcohol.   Apply antiseptic to the bite.

Fleas are brownish-black and about 1/8" long.   Immature fleas live in grass and underbrush and in your carpet, upholstery, draperies, and tiny cracks in the floor.   Pets gather fleas by walking through an infested grassy area, through contact with other animals or simply by sleeping in an area where fleas are hiding.   Fleas thrive in warm humid weather.   Look for flea dirt (dropping the parasites leave behind) which looks like black pepper; the tiny white grains of "salt" are flea eggs.    You may also see areas of inflammation or small red dots on your pet's skin.   This will indicate a particular sensitivity or allergy to flea bites on your pet.

WHAT TO DO Bring your pet to us at Quail Roost.   We will examine him for inflamed areas and open sores.   Never use flea-fighting products anywhere on your pet if sores are present.    They will only irritate and worsen the condition.   After examining the skin, we suggest a flea bath and dip.  Shampooing will kill parasites and soothe your pet's irritated skin.
Take advantage of your pet being treat and groomed by us as a time to treat your home.   When choosing products consider its contents as well as the best product type for your situation.    

Flea-fighting products are designed to kill parasites or to repel them.   Combining chemicals used on or around your pet can be dangerous, only combine products of the same brand, line and content.

In your home vacuum thoroughly.   Include carpets, draperies and your pet's sleeping areas.     Put a flea collar inside the vacuum bag to kill the fleas you vacuum.   Treat your home with either a spray, powders, or foggers used for indoor use.   Remember - select carefully. 

In your yard, water kills flea eggs and larvae, but not adult fleas.    Wet down shrugs, lawn, and your pet's sleeping areas every two days, but don't leave puddles of standing water, which will breed other insects.


ASK US About easy flea prevention.    AdvantageŽ, Front LineŽ and ProgramŽ are a new line of flea and tick products now available.    

These products are safe. effective, and very easy to use and offer monthly protection. Some of these products are applied directly to your pet's skin, others are a flea control pill that when given once a month can prevent fleas from reproducing and re-infesting your pet, your home, and your yard. 

With this information you can enjoy your pet more and his release from the summertime blues.   If you have any questions, please call us at:

Quail Roost Animal Hospital 
(305) 235-4991


Quail Roost Animal Hospital
Julio A. Ibáńez, D.V.M.
10575 S.W. 186 Street (Quail Roost Drive)
Miami, Florida   33157
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